Final Project

I didn't know what to do so this is just an about me page

I live in Brooklyn, New York and I am a rising 8th grader attending IS.98, The Bay Academy. I live with my mom, my dad, and my 2 younger sisters who are twins and gang up on me :(.

For hobbies I enjoy folding origami, hiking, and biking. I have been doing origami for a long time now and i enjoy hiking because it lets you outside into nature and that helps clear my head and same with biking, especially on a dirt or gravel road surrounded by trees.

I also have a few pets or animals I keep. First, I have Eastern newts, which are an aquatic salamander, and they are very interesting. Second, I have a turtle which eats a lot and dirties its water in less than a week. and lastly I have a snake which is very small even as an adult and I am therefore able to keep it in just a 20 gallon. Another thing I would like to mention is I enjoy catching and keeping mantises as a pet. Every year I have a specific area I am able to find mantises in and I will catch one and raise it to adult hood. Mantises are very fun and I enjoy them as they are very calm once you have tamed one. They are also very easy to feed as usually they will eat anything as long as it is alive so typically i will catch flies or worms for mine. I have not gotten one this year as most of the mantises right now are too small, so I usually wait until august, so I might catch one later this month.